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Why chose the Large Advertising Formats

Large scale advertising is even more intense than regular billboard campaigns. In the outdoor space distribution, what matters the most is the size. It has numerous advantages:

  • This type of media can’t be turned off and there is no need for the customer to do anything so he/she can reach it- it is on every step on the client’s way in the everyday life.
  • The potential customer is constantly surrounded by out of home advertising messages: going to work, attending a meeting, travelling for leisure or business, going back home.
  • The locations are lighted and visible 24/7
  • The image is impeccable, comparing to the bus/trolley/tram advertising. The vinyl/ megaboard/ mesh is not getting dirty or muddy; it can not be torn apart or painted by common people passing by it, since its location is on a high level and there is no easy access to it. The entire traffic is passing by the location, rather than the other way around-the message to look for the attention of the buyers. All the city transport has a regular schedule and is covering only certain routes with certain passengers. The megaboards/ meshes are seen by all the residents in the city in different cases. Billboards are seen by public transport users, pedestrians and private car owners at the same time.
  • Therefore billboards are 3 times more used than any other OOH media by the advertisers. Billboard and megaboards are seen by more than 40% of the sample comparing to bus advertising (around 20%) and metro advertising (around 5%).
  • This is the most Universal media, which ensures effective reach of the customer – it is not blinding in with the rest of the street surrounding, it is standing out and differentiating the product.
  • It ensures high frequency rate and proximity of the advertising message
  • According to same studies, more than 90% of shoppers had seen Outdoor advertising in the half-hour period before shopping. OOH is giving the option for quick, clear and consistent message right before the purchase, therefore influencing strongly the customer’s choice for purchase.