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Bulgaria blvd. - Mini Cooper

Our Locations Sell Your Ideas.

Megaboard Bulgaria Ltd. operates on the Bulgarian market since October 2006 and today it is known as the market leader in large format advertising. Since 2015, the company is part of the largest network of OOH advertising elements in the country, operating on the Bulgarian market since 1999 with its own locations in the capital cities, smaller towns and the national road network(NRN). With over 100 permanent large scale advertising positions large scale (megaboard), a number of elements type billboard / scroller 4x3, as well as numerous special projects for outdoor advertising, we can provide unique communication coverage not only on the territory of Sofia, but also in the whole country. We know the advantage of OOH (Out of home advertising) and large scale advertising, because it guarantees:


Better efficiency your advertising campaign
More space for your ideas
Clear and legible text
Clear visibility of your advertising
Flexibility of the advertising message
Profesional performance in each stage of your campaign

The group of Megaboard Bulgaria can offer all kind of elements for OOH advertising in Sofia, the national road network and over 20 cities in the country.

Market Growth

In the fast developing and rapidly changing unstable market environment, getting the attention of the costumer is one of the most difficult and challenging goals for the medium. Except for the OOH: its effectiveness actually increases with the demographical and social dynamics of the people.

No other medium is that close to the fast moving customer.

  • In the past 25 years, the outdoor advertising market in Bulgaria has grown faster than any other advertising medium. The customers are more exposed to OOH than ever.
  • The power of outdoor advertising consists mostly in the good vision and clear impression that leaves a message in the consumer’s mind. Also the OOH is the most titled tool for branding and achieving of brand recognition, awareness and equity. The medium is universal, suitable for almost any product on the market and highly visible which boosts the attention of the potential consumers.
  • The main effects that the medium posses are:
  1. Intensity of the advertising campaign, which makes it more aggressive for completing the goal to leave the advertiser’s message in the mind of the targeted audience.
  2. The unintentional exposure effect that it has on the consumer. That effect is often used to prepare the mind of the audience for a more complex message or to gain initial awareness for the campaign

Completed Projects